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The Avat Prince: The First Arc (MVP TV Edition)

The Avat Prince: The First Arc (MVP TV Edition)


What's the true cost of freedom? Dive into the world of Arkania with this new edition of the epic original fantasy series that collects all the volumes into thrilling, 4-in-1 packages!


Includes Vol. 1-4 of The Avat Prince MVP TV Edition.


Follow Brent, a warrior steeped in battle against the tyrannical Arkanian Empire. Through treacherous quests and unexpected alliances, he must uncover his ancestral legacy and confront the supernatural entity that once sought to destroy him -- for it wills for the destruction of all Men, whether they are of the Empire or against it.


Prepare for a breathtaking adventure where salvation comes at a price, and a hero's legacy unfolds in thrilling and unexpected ways.


Includes TALES OF ARKANIA: fully-voiced anime shorts starring Brent and his allies in engaging, animated skits!

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