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THE Story

The first and only publishing house of its kind, House MVP is "A New Way to Read" for teens and young adults. Merging cinematic literature with full-cast audio and animation, House MVP turns out illustrated fantasy novels that are linked to fully-voiced anime shorts - and all of it is written, illustrated and directed by its multi-talented founder. With a focus on positive storytelling and clean, original fantasy, House MVP entertains audiences with themes of courage, generosity, hope and heroism.

THE Founder

Born Myranda Victoria Peterson, MVP is an author, illustrator, screenwriter and voice director based out of Boston. A Christian, Myranda credits her successes to God and His blessing of supportive friends, family and mentors.


With a passion for telling original fantasy stories that align with her faith, she hopes to inspire readers with fearless heroes, vibrant new worlds and uplifting themes. A sucker for cute dogs and apple crisp, her works are rife with intrigue, action, and plenty of adventure.

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