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Meet the characters of The Avat Prince and its spinoff series Tales of Arkania!

Teen B, Normal_edited.png


Actor: Josh Portillo

Charismatic, street-smart, and confident, Brent lives in the village of Taranis, a hidden community on the outskirts of the Arkanian Empire. Fun-loving at home and adored by villagers of all ages, he's a reliable leader on the battlefield with strong instincts and a heart for justice. Originally born in the Empire, his past is shrouded in a mystery that only a select few even know hints of.

Teen R, Normal.png


Actress: Mia Rodriguez

Renée is tender-hearted and empathetic, with the goal of offering the freedom that she was born into in Taranis to the enslaved population of Arkania. Generous and selfless, she’s admired by the younger trainees for her determination, strength and conviction. Regardless of her kindness, however, Renée has a ruthless instinct that kicks in during her battles, and is seen as one of Taranis’ most promising, upcoming fighters.

Teen A, Cocky_edited_edited.png


Actor: Brayden Medlin

Born and raised in Taranis, Aaron is the son of its founder and chief, Ivan, and his Avat wife, Xëri. Ambitious, daring and somewhat short-tempered, he's a popular face in the village due to his being the chief’s son. He’s also recognized as a stellar member of Taranis’ slave auction raiders. He has a superior photographic memory, and excels at reconnaissance - as well as sneaking out of Taranis on solo assignments.

Teen E, Normal_edited.png


Actress: Sister Hipster

Eklaire is an Arkanian girl who hails from the imperial province of Lenora, where she was originally born into slavery. Currently, she lives in the village of Taranis and radiates positivity with an upbeat attitude. She's a dedicated seamstress and jeweler and has held fast to her Lenoran roots, noted by her thick accent and creative similes.

Teen Liam, Normal_edited.png


Actor: King Soda

Originally born into slavery in the eastern province of the Empire, Liam is the youngest of two siblings and was born with albinism. As a result he has stronger hearing than most Avats, but also suffers from low vision. Aloof, stoic, and capable of remaining calm under extreme pressure, he is highly perceptive of the emotions of others. He is focused and open-minded with a penchant for being blunt, and is a popular face in Taranis due to his skill as an intel scout.

Teen H, Normal_edited.png


Actress: Kyesha Randall

Harver is an Avat girl with a brilliant mind for engineering and innovation. She lives in the village of Taranis and is strong-willed, opinionated and quick to geek out over science-related subjects. She’s intelligent and able to communicate well, and is known for burning the midnight oil in her private workshop. Her closest friend in Taranis is Eklaire, and she has a link to Brent that she's sworn to keep a secret.


Tyre, Normal.png


Actor: Robert Cossyleon

A young aetheriest living in Taranis. Often paired with Brent and his friends on raiding assignments, Tyre is the youngest of two brothers. Earnest and radiant with boyish charm, he was once a member of The Aether Circus before he and his brother had a falling out with the ringmaster.


Exclusive characters viewable only in The Avat Prince's locked episodes!

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