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The Avat Prince: Skylok

The Avat Prince: Skylok


Available as free interactive PDF or Apple iBook file with newsletter signup. Recommended 13+.


In the year 473 of the Arkanian Empire, where Arkanians rule the continent and the Avat people are crushed beneath their feet, a group of child slaves and their guardian, Damascus, undertake a perilous journey to find freedom in a sanctuary village beyond the Empire's reach. Their hopes hang by a thread when imperial soldiers discover them in the seaside city of Peluma.

An enthralling short story, "Skylok" is enriched with cinematic writing, vivid illustrations, and fully-voiced animated shorts. It serves as a standalone piece in The Avat Prince fantasy book series, where unsung heroes rise to challenge the Empire's reign.




This is a free demo offered as an automatic download when you subscribe to the House MVP newsletter.

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